Our Ethos

The Ridgeline Executive Group ethos has been forged by over forty years of experience in the mountain resort and hospitality sectors and heavily influenced through direct working relationships with the leaders from the special warfare divisions of the United States Special Operations Command.  Those appropriately combined experiences and insights shape the Ridgeline Executive Group’s ethos: 

  • The Ridgeline Executive Group succeeds only when the team of the entity served by Ridgeline succeeds; importantly, that success is the team’s success
  • We help organizations and teams develop clear and well define missions and objectives
  • We align teams around the mission and help develop clarity of purpose and roles, for every member of the team. This focused and inclusive approach drives a positive and productive culture and optimal results
  • We help teams develop open feedback, which is central to team development and ongoing innovation of processes, services and products
  • Uncompromising integrity is complemented by a focus on and recognition of the value and contributions of all people associated with Ridgeline Executive Group and those team members of organizations which we serve
  • The Ridgeline Executive Group believes approachability, relatability and a sense of community among the team members is imperative to success

The Ridgeline Executive Group’s ethos contains a sense of humility, constant innovation, respect and service to teams and team members and is constantly evolving and in search of operational and performance enhancements. 

Importantly, we are from the mountains and we are of the mountains.